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 Issue No. 2 Cover Story  Issue No. 2 Cover Story  Fuel Tenders In Action

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      John Olson

      Fuel Tenders In Action
      John Olson

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     Welcome to the second issue of The SideTrack at Jim's Junction. This issue's feature story takes us back to the Powder River in the early 80s for a look at pooled motive power before the Union Pacific gobbled up the MKT, MoPac, SP, C&NW, WP and Rio Grande. The BN was just the BN. The AT&SF was still the Santa Fe. And the KCS? Well, believe it or not, they are still the KCS and about the only 'pool power' still running into the Powder River Basin today.
     Due to popular demand, we are running a second article this issue in response to numerous requests for more fuel tender pictures and information. Find out almost everything you wanted to know about these uniquely BN creations in Fuel Tenders In Action.

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